litespeed cache

What is Caching?

Whenever your browser requests a web page, the server has to retrieve all the information on that page each time which is very time-consuming. If you browse a particular website often. Instead of loading each web page content every time, it would be a lot better if the server remembered the page and loads it. This is what caching does. When you need some optimisation with your website caching is a good place to start.

What is LiteSpeed cache?

LiteSpeed Cache has over 8 million downloads and comes free of charge to all of our customers. It purpose is to communicate with your installation of LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS), its built-in page cache to dramatically reduce page load times. It also has a Lazy Load functionality which doesn’t load images on your pages until the user sees them reducing page loading times and bandwidth.

Your site can employ the best practices that make for a high PageSpeed score, and more importantly a better user experience. It has advanced cache-management tools and optimisation features, It is an all in one site acceleration solution.

Features you should know about.

  • Object Cache (Memcached/LSMCD/Redis)
  • Image Optimisation
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Minify inline CSS/JS
  • Combine CSS/JS
  • Lazyload images/iframes
  • Multiple CDN support
  • Load CSS/JS Asynchronously
  • Browser Cache
  • Smart preload crawler with support for SEO-friendly sitemap
  • Database Cleaner and Optimiser
  • PageSpeed score optimisation

So what about WordPress Optimisation?

LiteSpeed tested HTTP/2 implementations from LSWS, Nginx, and Apache, to see how they would compare when loading WordPress. LiteSpeed beat Nginx by up to 12X, and blew Apache out of the water by a whopping 84X! More information and full test stats are available here.

A test showing performance from the LiteSpeed Website.

How can I use this?

If you are a Web Hosting customer you can activate LiteSpeed Cache through the ‘Advanced’ section on your website Cpanel account. If you need any help setting this up or problem-solving then don’t hesitate to give us a message and we will be sure to give you advice.